about us

use what nature gives, don't create waste


in hand

With these two words we want to generate an association in everyone about what we can do with our hands to make the world better, cleaner and how to prevent bigger environmental problems or at least get closer to avoid them. With this brand name which is also an expression we want people to keep under control what and where they get things from when buying something. We would like to draw attention it is up to you to pick it up or riport it to the appropriate authorities when see garbage or just do nothing.  The decision is in your, our hands. We can go by and leave the world as it is or we may do something even if it is just a small point in the universe like collecting waste selectively or consciously choosing bought products checking their packing, where they are from and how they are made. We want to show that the protection and healing of any kind of creature and the Earth itself is important.

do not just leave the world as it is. make it better however you can.

Our „changing minds” idea

We think that putting the art, the cultrure, the fashion and environmentally consciousness together, we can open more minds and show people that it is important to check what you buy even if it is „just” what you wear. We hope that our creation is good for all ages. For adults it is really a fashion and a reflection what they think, how they live. For children it can be like an album (like when I was a child I collected stickers into it) with many educational pictures and they can choose which member of the series they like the most. Of course there can be some who want the whole.

Our support to the world

To show how we really do something for the facts we stand for, in each half a year we give 10% to a foundation (which does a lot to reach the goals we also think are important) after each sold piece of clothes. Please note that we will not give money but we discuss what the foundation needs and we cover the expenses up to that amount.