Our goal is to create good quality organic or recycled based clothes (from controlled suppliers) combined with art.

More about our goal:

Natural-based material


We constantly search for suppliers of organic cotton or other natural-based or recycled material textiles or already made basic clothes preferably directly from the manufacturer. We expect the goods and/or the manufacturer to be verified by at least one (possibly more) of the adequate organizations (GOTS – Global Organic Textile Sandard, Oeko-Tex, Ecocert – Organic 100 Content Standard, BSCI etc.) which not only concerns the product made but also the process of fabrication. (We do not want anyone to work under unhealty working conditions because of us.)

If you ask yourself why organic-based clothes can be specifically cheap at some multi chains, I can answer you right here: when it comes to mass production the manufacturing phase is usually not taken notice of…

Hungarian artists

Graphic design

We request Hungarian artists, graphic designers to create a serial together with us. The graphics are always about nature and how it is connected to us or the presentation what we should care about more to keep living beings of today alive (avoiding extinction) so that they can also be seen by our children. We will make a range of illustrations in every year based on different concepts. This way we will always offer new… In 2016 we work with Ferenc Molnár (www.ferencmolnar.hu).